Friday, May 13, 2011

Welcome to Final Fantasy Flight

Hello readers!

In my first year as a working professional, I often flew around the country. While sitting in coach, I played Final Fantasy: Dawn of Souls to pass the time. I decided to make things by keeping a goofy little journal about the adventure.

Part 1 - Starting The Adventure, Cornelia

Part 2 - Matoya's Cave, Pravoka

Part 3 - Elfheim, Marsh Cave, Astos' Castle

Part 4 - Melmond

Part 5 - Earth Cavern And The Vampire

Part 6 - Lich, Crescent Lake, Marilith

Part 7 - Ice Cavern, Citadel Of Trials

Part 8 - Onrac, Kraken

Part 9 - Leifin, Sky Fortress, Tiamat

Part 10 - Temple Of Chaos

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